Windows 10 TP How to Launch Safe Mode option

Do you still remember the safe mode option in Windows 7 and Windows XP? Do you think, Microsoft will bring back F8 option to boot login to safe mode in Windows 10? It was not there in Windows 8 as well (rather you need to press Shift + F8?). In Windows 10 also there is no option like press F8 to launch Windows 10 safe mode login....Continue Reading →

Where is the RUN option in Windows 10

Windows 10 - Start Menu Button- Right Click Option-1
Are you really font of RUN option in the start menu of Windows XP? I love it. It’s very easy to “run” the commands from RUN option. I use it for running lot many commands like “ncpa.cpl”, “mspaint”,”winword”, “Notepad”  etc… So the “RUN” option was...Continue Reading →
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