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Capgemini is hiring 10 SCCM / ConfigMgr 2012 professionals in Bangalore and Mumbai locations… More details here

A small Helping hand towards “System Center” and “HR” Professionals to get suitable Jobs and Candidates respectively !!!

I’ve created a LinkedIn group for posting the Jobs. Hope, we can see some Job postings over there in near future. This will help to find out suitable jobs and candidates.

If you have some Jobs and looking for suitable candidates then go ahead and post.

More Information and Latest Updates – Please refer the following link



  1. johnson says:

    Hi Anoop,

    currently working on SCCM project as L1 but now want to upgrade my skills on SCCM and want to make a carrier in it so please advice for same.

    What we do now as below ;

    • Working in SCCM (Systems Center Configuration Manager) Team.
    • Software Troubleshooting via Remote Assistance ( SCCM, Citrix – GO To Assist).
    • Installation & Troubleshooting of SCCM client.
    • Windows Software Troubleshooting.
    • Software Update Patches.

    email address :

  2. Ankit Shukla says:

    Hi Anoop,

    Currently working in HCL Technologies as a SCCM Admin with 2 years of expirience.Please see my roles and responsibilities-

    1. Software Update patching for servers and workstations.
    2.Software distribution and Application deployment.
    3.Reporting and queries building.
    4.Managing user and device collections.
    5.Managing discoveries and Boundry(boundry groups).
    6.Good knowledge of scripting which i am using in Deploying packages.

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