SCCM ConfigMgr 2012 Application Catalog Troubleshooting Guide

Application catalog is very interesting feature of ConfigMgr 2012. As it’s new feature, we’re not very familiar with the installation and configuration best practices which we need to follow. The Application Catalog is the user’s gateway to the available applications that they can install while Software Center helps the user... Continue Reading →

SCCM ConfigMgr 2012 How to Use Deployment Monitoring Tool

Deployment Monitor Tool (DeploymentMonitoringTool.exe) is new addition to ConfigMgr 2012 Toolkit. This Tool is a graphical user interface designed to assist in troubleshooting applications, updates and baseline deployments. In this post, I ‘m trying to explore Deployment Monitoring tool in some more details. How can it be used... Continue Reading →

How to Use ConfigMgr SCCM 2012 Tool Client Spy CliSpy exe

Client Spy is System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Client Troubleshooting Tool. Client Spy can be used for the troubleshooting of software distribution, Inventory and Metering Issues. Have you ever played with CliSpy.exe? If not, start using it !!!! In this post, I ‘m trying to explore Client Spy tool in some more details.... Continue Reading →

SCCM Recovery Restore Site Repair Wizard Step by Step Guide

I’ve been asked to create a site recovery wizard step by step guide with screen shots (for a child primary server restoration). It’s pretty straight forward if you’ve good backups in place (except one or two hiccups explained below). If you don’t have a good backup, it’s going to hit to you very badly and you may need to... Continue Reading →

How to Build Custom Right Click Tools for SCCM ConfigMgr 2012

Microsoft PFE Neil Peterson had published a blog post which will help you to create your own SCCM console extension Right click tools. Isn’t it great?? Have a look at the step by step explanation and video demonstration in the blog post :: Long Live Right Click Tools – System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Console Extensions See,... Continue Reading →
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