Do You Know about Cloud Version of SCOM OpsMgr

Have you ever heard about reliable and enterprise level monitoring solution in cloud? It would be better if you’ve a SCOM OpsMgr published in cloud, isn’t it ? Yes, we already have cloud version of SCOM/OpsMgr and it’s called Tibanna. You don’t need to install SCOM servers and Management Packs to monitor your...Continue Reading →

How to Learn SCCM ConfigMgr and Intune

Learning to Learn
I receive lots of queries like “How to Start Learning SCCM” or “How to Learn SCCM”  or  “How to become expert in SCCM”. I used to provide them some of the online resources. I always had a feeling that one or two links won’t help people to start learning any new technologies. They also need...Continue Reading →

Thank You !! Happy and Exciting New Year 2015 !!!!

FB New Year Post
We are in the last few days of the most confusing year for ConfigMgr admins. By this time of most of the confusions have been cleared out. I’m sure 2015 will be exciting (more exciting things are listed at the bottom of this post) !! Be ready for loads of excitements like ConfigMgr vNext, New Intune capabilities/Features....Continue Reading →
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