Latest Features Included in Windows 10 New Build

Windows 10 V 9926 -15
Microsoft came up with loads of new features in the Windows 10 latest build (9926). You might already seen the “glimpses” of these features in the recent Microsoft event and in the post “What are the Exciting Stories Revealed in Windows 10 Event“. My laptop got upgraded to newest version of Windows 10 build...Continue Reading →

Today is Windows 10 Event and How to watch it Live

Live Streaming Win 10 Release
Today (21-Jan-2015) is Next Windows 10 preview (Consumer) version announcement event and what I can see is that all IT Pros are more excited than “real” consumers. There could be some news towards (managing WIndows 10 devices) IT pros community as well in todays event. This Microsoft event is open for all via Live Streaming....Continue Reading →

Do You Know about Cloud Version of SCOM OpsMgr

Have you ever heard about reliable and enterprise level monitoring solution in cloud? It would be better if you’ve a SCOM OpsMgr published in cloud, isn’t it ? Yes, we already have cloud version of SCOM/OpsMgr and it’s called Tibanna. You don’t need to install SCOM servers and Management Packs to monitor your...Continue Reading →
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