Where is Tools ConfigMgr Service Manager Option in CM 2012 Console

Small, short and simple blog post. However, (I *think*) it’s very useful Smile

We’re familiar with “Tools – ConfigMgr Server Manager” option in SCCM 2007 console. It’s very useful if you want to stop one particular component or thread ( such as SMS_OFFER_MANAGER) as part of troubleshooting.

Also, ConfigMgr Service Manager is useful if you want to increase the log file size of a particular component. You just need to right-click and select LOGGING option.

Where is ConfigMgr Service Manager Tool option in SCCM 2012 or ConfigMgr 2012? Yes, it’s under “\Monitoring\Overview\System Status\Component Status

ConfigMgr 2007


ConfigMgr 2012




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  1. Gerg says:

    Brilliant, thanks again Anoop!

  2. Richard Lopez says:

    Great resource tool to determine the command correlation between SCCM2007 and SCCM2012. Thank you.

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