ConfigMgr Native/HTTPS Mode – PKI “Fundamentals”

Thought of sharing an excellent write up on PKI and Certificates by Rob York. It is very important to understand how the PKI works if you’re planning to implement native/HTTPS mode ConfigMgr (2007/2012). This post would act as stepping stone to the world of PKI. Hope, this guide will help us to understand the basic “fundas”... Continue Reading →

Microsoft is officially using SCCM as acronym for ConfigMgr

This is continuation of Rod’s blog post – “Proof that sometimes even Microsoft slips up and uses “SCCM” for ConfigMgr” Microsoft is officially using SCCM as acronym for System Center Configuration Manager? Again this happened on “Virtual Tech Days” – Day 3 Session “Introduction to System Center Configuration Manager... Continue Reading →

ConfigMgr SCCM DCM Implementation and Troubleshooting Guide

Thought of sharing an excellent series of blog posts on Desired Configuration Management (DCM) by Jeremy Barth.   The overall theme of this series on SCCM Desired Configuration Management has been to provide you with a low-level understanding of the mechanics of DCM, give you a sense of the wider business context in which it... Continue Reading →
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