ConfigMgr SCCM 2012 Details of New Remote Control Features CEP

Great post by Peter Daalmans on Details of New Remote Control Features (CEP). After a period without any Community Evaluation Program session, another session was held today. This time Eric Orman presented the latest information about the Remote Control feature in Configuration Manager 2012. Like mentioned earlier the gold (CTRL-ALT-DEL)... Continue Reading →

PXE WDS OSD Troubleshooting Guides

I would like to share excellent guides posted on “Configuration Manager OSD Support Team Blog“ I’m sure this will help lot of people to understand the functionality and reduce the issues related to OSD, PXE, WDS and DHCP. See the original post by Frank Rojas - here Other Very Useful Posts from Frank Rojas:: 1. No... Continue Reading →

Windows 7 Shortcuts are NOT working

Windows 7 – “.lnk” file association issue My first post on Windows Operating System Issue (Just for a change). Few days back, accidently my “.lnk” file association on Windows 7 system got changed to NOTEPAD. The entire shortcuts are appearing with NOTEPAD icon The issue was really frustrating. I was... Continue Reading →

SCCM Report for Software Update Patching and Client Health

Thought of sharing one of the very HANDY report which we use for client health with respect to patching or software update. All the credit  goes to my colleague Neetu. Download MOF file  - Here  This report will provide you below details SQL Statement SELECT v_R_System.Name0, v_R_System.Active0, v_R_System.Obsolete0,... Continue Reading →