ConfigMgr SCCM Office 2010 SP1 Installation Issues

Here is latest blog post on Troubleshooting a Configuration Manager 2007 installation of Office 2010 by Joao Madureira. Orginal Post   0 jQuery(document).ready(function($) { window.setTimeout('loadTwitter_430()',1000);window.setTimeout('loadFBLike_430()',1000);window.setTimeout('loadGoogle1_430()',1000);window.setTimeout('loadLinkedin_430()',1000);window.setTimeout('loadFBShareMe_430()',1000);... Continue Reading →

ConfigMgr SCCM NTFS permissions and folder ownership Issue on BDP

I would like to share an interesting topic which was discussed on the technet thread. The CCMExec.exe takes the ownership and remove all the permissions of the BDP package folder while downloading the package. In normal scenario, CCMExec.exe should reassign package ownership and NTFS permission back after the completion of the download.... Continue Reading →

Download Report of SCCM Site Servers with Site System Roles

I am very glad to share one Awesome report created by my colleagues  Robert Spinelli and XiaoDong Zhang. Here is that pretty cool query/report that can help you in maintaining the inventory of SCCM hierarchy and also can be used as health check report. This report will provide you all the servers and the site system roles... Continue Reading →

ConfigMgr SCCM 2012 Starter kit Very Useful Links

Most of us are looking around to get more details about new  features in ConfigMgr / SCCM 2012. To help yourself, I thought of collating some of very useful information about SCCM 2012. Please Note : All the credits go to the authors of following blog posts. ConfigMgr SCCM 2012 Distribution Points (DPs) and Windows Server... Continue Reading →

ConfigMgr SCCM How to Remove Orphan Packages

Just thought of sharing one of the technet discussion regarding the removal Orphan Packages from the child sites. Original Post Packages that are deleted at a parent site can be orphaned at a child site if the child site is down at the time of deletion (temporarily), or the replication process is unsuccessful. You won’t be able... Continue Reading →
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