Create custom Report with SCCM Package Size Details

Hi – If you are looking for a package list of a DP along with Package Size then we can use the below report. SELECT p.Name, p.Description, n.SourceCompressedSize, n.SourceSize, dp.LastRefreshTime, p.Manufacturer, p.Version, p.Language, p.SourceSite, p.PackageID, case when dp.IsPeerDP=1 then ‘*’ else ” end... Continue Reading →

SCCM 2007 Capacity planning details Maximum Support Limitations

Maximum support limitations of SCCM 2007. However, in my personal experience this would change depending upon the scenarios (Mostly depending upon the connectivity, features, support model, SLA and DR/BCP requirements)Disk & other hardware configuration details listed below can be used to get very rough idea about the sizing... Continue Reading →

BitLocker very useful information

Very useful information about BitLocker and it is very useful if you are planning to upgrade your systems to Windows 7 How can you help protect your data from loss, theft, or hackers? The answer: BitLocker. If you’ve got information on your PC that you need to protect, you can help prevent theft or loss by using BitLocker data... Continue Reading →
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