Create custom Report with SCCM Package Size Details

Hi – If you are looking for a package list of a DP along with Package Size then we can use the below report. SELECT p.Name, p.Description, n.SourceCompressedSize, n.SourceSize, dp.LastRefreshTime, p.Manufacturer, p.Version, p.Language, p.SourceSite, p.PackageID, case when dp.IsPeerDP=1 then ‘*’ else ” end...Continue Reading →

BitLocker very useful information

Very useful information about BitLocker and it is very useful if you are planning to upgrade your systems to Windows 7 How can you help protect your data from loss, theft, or hackers? The answer: BitLocker. If you’ve got information on your PC that you need to protect, you can help prevent theft or loss by using BitLocker data...Continue Reading →
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